Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mini haul on skincare.

To the mini haul yesterday.
Some skincare items.
My skin has been acting up a little lately. I am starting to get whiteheads. Icks!
My facialist told me to change my facial products as the ones I use might be too hydrating for me that my skin can't absorb all.

From left : Bio-essense bio-hydra eye & lip dual makeup remover, Oxy oil control moisturizer and heme clear-it away facial wash.

Oxy is produced under Rohto-metholetum, the same company which produced Hada Labo
Heme is a Taiwanese brand and Bio-essence, I am not to sure.

Oxy's oil control moisturizer smells so good. Like grapes.

Got a new black headband too.
It was really cheap that's why i got it.

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