Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Falsies and lens

Why do i wear false eyelashes.

First see this picture and you will notice the vast difference between both eyes.
Can you spot which has false eyelashes and which doesn't have.
by the way the eye without falsies and just mascara, I applied 3 types of mascara. Well it's still short. grrrr.

Falsies just opens up and brightens my eye and ofcourse makes my eye looks more dolly.
It's also so fun to put on different styles of false lashes. False lashes can be treated as an accessory nowadays.
Between applying and not applying false eyelashes makes a lot of difference! Well, unless you are already blessed with full and voluminous lashes then you don't need them.
Most Asians have short lashes anyway.

The circle lens I wore is Super Barbie Max Pure Blue.

Another order of circle lens arrived today.
Finally!Super Barbie Flower BrownSuper barbie princess pink (similiar to Candy Magic's design)

in the solution. Both of them share the same diameter.

Me modelling both lens.
Bear with my naked eye. Hohohoho.
Click picture to enlarge.
Super Barbie Flower Brown.Super Barbie Princess Pink

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