Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Care. Eyes.

Just went to the beauty store to get dental floss and eye cream because little fine lines started to appear due to sleepness nights.
Had to study up to clear all my pending colloqs due to one week missing class. I didn't skip classes ofcourse. I have a really practical medical excuse not to attend class. I slipped and twisted my knee ligament. It is still swollen though but I couldnt bear skipping anymore classes because every classes there's test and colloqs, I dont wanna pile it up and undergo a breakdown.

See the fine lines.
Prevention is better than cure. So spend some bucks to get an eyecream!

Because I heard Fuzkittie uses this brand, Lumene.
I have decided to try it since it is available here in Russia eventhough the selection is scarce.
The Vitamin C range.
It comes in only 15ml for 135roubles or so.

It comes in this little cute tube.

Ofcourse I also picked up other things.
I wanted to pick up Bourjois' liquid eyeliner but from the tester.
It dries sooooo slow. For me this is a big no-no.
I really needed an eyeliner since my ELF cream liner and Wet n Wild cream liner is drying up and the consistency isnt how it used to be. It used to be so waterproof and budge proof but now it flakes.

So I picked up the essense long lasting eyepencil in Hot Chocolate.
Wanna try a brown eyeliner. Looks more natural?

It is an automatic liner =D

Here's a swatch.
I drew a line and let it set for awhile, then I try to smudge it. To my surprise, it didnt budge!
Unless I rub really hard, it fades off.
This is a gem.

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