Monday, April 25, 2011

Jewelry haul #1

I have a jewelry haul. I got them from Diva.
Diva is an accessory line mainly aimed to teenagers. The price range is around middle range. Quality wise is middle, you get what you pay for.

I just got a few pieces here and there to wear it for Spring. Yes. It is finally officially Spring in Russia. Temperature has finally gone to the bearable stage.

A layered gold chain with pearls and a small bird charm.
I find this really chic and cute yet simple. Not too overbearing.
Matches all types of clothes.

A set of bangles. I bought this because it came with rose tinged bronze.
I find the colour pretty unique and ofcourse cute. We like rose tinged bronze dont we.

a set of rings. Really cute. I am really into simple yet chic jewelry.

simple yet elegant thin silver ring.
I fell in love with this upon seeing it. Looks a little like an engagement ring though.

Also I forgot to add this on my previous post.
I got a sample of this perfume. I am gonna review it soon.

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