Friday, April 29, 2011

Review : Lumene Moisturizing Cream Cleanser with Arctic Cloudberry

This is how the packaging looks like. Orang packaging with a blue cap.
It comes with 150ml of product for about 169roubles (after discount).

This cleanser comes with a really pleasing scent with a faint orange scent and some herbs which smells like the chinese herb my mum used to brew when I caught cough. Reminds me of home.
The texture is creamy and it slightly foams up with water.

This cleanser claims to remove makeup but I don't think it does a very good job on that area, a cleansing milk is still needed to thoroughly remove base makeup from the face. If it's a bare face, then it cleanses well.
It also claims it is moisturizing. I don't feel it is moisturizing too. I still have dry spots on my face especially on my nose. My skin there peels like snake all the time.

I actually broke out using this cleanser. I do not have sensitive skin so I rarely do breakout on products but this, made me break out pretty badly on my forehead.Actually I thought it is because of the weather but when I decided to change my cleanser to Acmedia face cleanser from Japan, my skin stopped acting up, the pimples subsided so the culprit is definitely this cleanser.

For its price, I think this cleanser don't worth what I pay for, I could get a better cleanser from brands like Hada Labo, Acmedia and Jujumoist.

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