Monday, April 11, 2011

Diet : Week 1

To loose 50lbs.
This week my aim is to take in more water. Avoid soda at all cost.
Let's start with this week's food intake

Breakfast : 1 piece of plain donut with chocolate filling
Lunch : 1/2 cup of rice worth of porridge with marmite
Dinner : About 1/2cup of rice with sweet and sour chicken with onions and chinese cabbage.
Misc : 5pieces of wafer and 1cup of hot chocolate .

Breakfast : 1 and 1/2 pieces of donut with chocolate filling
Lunch : Salad consist of tomatoes, chinese cabbage and carrot with lemon juice + some mayonnaise, small portion of mashed potato and grilled drumstick.
Dinner : 1/2cup rice with steamed broccoli with bits of salted salmon
Misc : 2 pieces of wafer, 4 mini egg tart, 1 big egg tart( made by roomie! I am taste tester)
Egg tart made by my lovely roomie.

Breakfast : 1 mini egg tart and 2 big egg tarts
Lunch : Mashed Potato with Grilled Drumstick, potato + meat salad
Dinner : 1/2 cup rice, chinese style black pepper chicken + vege, 100g baked beans + egg
Misc : 1 bag of skittles, 5 pieces of wafer, 1 cup of hot chocolate
My leftover Black Pepper Chicken. Gonna have it tomorrow.

Breakfast : 1 donut, 1 hotdog
Lunch : Grilled chicken wings, 4-5 spoons of russian rice( didn't like it), salad
Dinner : 1/2 cup rice, leftover black pepper chicken
Misc : 6 pieces wafer( trying to finish it...), a cup of hot chocolate.

Breakfast : Donut, wafer
Lunch : Rice, Pork, Salad
Dinner : Shaurma and 4 wafers
Misc : A bunch of grapes.

Breakfast : Skipped
Lunch : 1 slice of pizza
Dinner : Switz meatballs, baked potatoes, salad and apple crumble.
Misc : a cup of coffee, 3 pieces of wafer, bunch of grapes


Breakfast : 3 slices of bread, 2 pieces of wafer
Lunch : Rice and Chicken
Dinner : Rice, Scrambled eggs, Stir-fried vege and bak kut teh.
Misc : Ice cream, 2 pieces of wafer

Results : No fluctuation in weight. Still remains the same.

So for random stuff. This round of groceries, I bought more fruits and also vege.
Planning for a fruits detox soon.
but I am gonna start next week with a vege diet. Every meal shall contain vegetables.


  1. those egg tarts look yummy. (:

    this is actually really good inspiration for me, because i need to lose weight as well.
    i'm seeing a lot of girls trying to lose weight THE HEALTHY WAY and this is very refreshing.

    thank you for the insight, i like seeing what other girls are doing! ♥

  2. Thanks to my roomie she's feeding me fat with those tarts, lol

    Yeap I am trying to loose weight the healthy way. I do not any side effect or yo-yo effect, I am taking it slow instead of rushing.
    Hopefully it works.

    I am trying the a habit a week inspired from this blog.