Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weight loss project : Week 3

Let's start this week with move! Walk the stairs to my room and to university.

Breakfast : 3 pieces of white bread with butter
Lunch : Pasta
Dinner : 1/2 cup rice, nuggets, stir fried vege.
Misc : a pack of wafer.

Breakfast : 2 wafers
Lunch : Rice and Grilled Chicken
Dinner : Rice, Stir fried chicken with vege, 2 oranges
Misc : wafers and coffee.

Breakfast : instant oats
Lunch : shaurma
Dinner : Rice, baked beans with egg, fried salmon

Breakfast : Skipped
Lunch : plain porridge with marmite
Dinner : Plain porridge with marmite
misc : wafer

Sick day this the diet explains all.

Breakfast : 1 slice of bread with nutella, instant noodle with chinese cabbage and egg.
Lunch : Skipped
Dinner : Pasta

The clinic visit made me missed my lunch and the worst, i cant get hold of the doctor.

Breakfast : Pasta
Lunch : Pizza, cake
Dinner : 2 Ikea Hotdog, Soup, Salad

Breakfast : Skipped
Lunch : Porridge
Dinner : Porridge

As you see, sick week. Have not been feeling well.
But there's a weight gain.

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