Saturday, April 9, 2011

First visit to MAC Russia.

About my first MAC visit in Russia.

So no matter how I can't get the salesgirl to help me because i could barely speak Russian and stuff like that.
MAC shop in Russia is surprisingly quiet. One or two customers at a time.
Price wise, well it is more expensive than Malaysia which is more expensive than the USA. So, go figure.

Here's a little something I got from the MAC shop. Just a back up of the
MAC's Mineralized skin finish naturals.
This product is really raved about. I personally love them too. They give such a pretty and natural finish. No the powder look.

My shade is in Light Medium.

Open up.
There's a plastic casing on top of it. I dont remember having it when I bought my old mineralized skinfinish natural.

The glorious price.
1200roubles. About USD42. Twice of the price in USA. =(
It cost around USD36 in Malaysia. Still expensive compared to US but better than Russia.

if you live in the US. Do buy MAC. They are priced really reasonable there and it is good quality. Worth the money. I would constantly haul MAC if I live in the US.
Here, I could only buy one time at a time.

Completed one item from my wishlist now.

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