Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vivienne Sabo Summer collection gets

I went to the beauty shop beside my uni and I saw a new collection display for this brand Vivienne Sabo. There was not much in the new collection, about 3 items only, 3 colours of lipglosses, a bronzer and a mascara, but they were so cute that I couldnt resist them. So i picked a few items. Hauling this is what i do best!

Vivienne Sabo Voyage Poudre Bronzante.
Actually this is the first "drugstore" bronzer I saw in Russia. That's why I had to pick it up.
I swatched it in the store, the colour is perfect for my skintone and it is smooth. It contains some shimmers so some people might hate it.
There's a nice "beach sand"-like design on the powder. I am sure you can see the shimmers from this picture.

Vivienne Sabo Voyage Vinyl Lipgloss
How could I not pick them up, look at the cute charm dangling on it.
I know I need another lipgloss like I need a hole in my head.
I picked up a pink lipgloss and a hot red lipgloss. I know I do not need a pink lipgloss because I have bazillions of it but I just have to had pink because it's pink.
This is my first hot red lipgloss and I am excited about it!

Close up of the charm. The brand name Vivienne Sabo is engraved on the charm. So pretty.

And something new from Essence cosmetics. A gel eyeliner.
Not a want because I really need an eyeliner. All my gel/cream eyeliners dried up. Like completely dried up.
I am gonna see how this works.
Well you can see there's actually very little product. It is filled up like half of the tiny jar?

That's all of my haul for now.

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