Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Travel Diary Winter Olympics in Sochi : Day 4 - FINALE

The time in Sochi was short-lived. This is my last day in Sochi, it is also time to say good bye to Winter Olympics 2014.

On the last day in Sochi, in the morning, after checking out from our cruise, we head down to Sochi City.

Let me tell you how much I missed the cruise, the buffet was awesome and the people there are so nice. If I have another chance to experience a cruise trip, I would definitely go again.

It took about 45 minutes to get from Sochi Airport to Sochi City.

Sochi City's railway station.

We headed towards Sochi Port where everything is happening and lively over there.

On the way to the port, look who I met.

Pardon my messiness, the whole Sochi trip was so tiring that I got too lazy to even dress up or makeup.
I wish I could just lie in the cruise the whole day but we needed to visit the important places in Sochi before we head back home. I don't know when is the next time I would visit Sochi ever again.

This is Sochi Port.
From this view, you could see the three other cruises docking at port.

It is definitely more lively here but I would not wanna stay here during my trip. I can't imagine departing 2 hours earlier from the cruise just to catch the Olympic events and probably arriving after 2am back to the cruise.
I am going to be dead flat.

Living at Adler Port which is beside the Olympic village is already tiring enough, everyday walking to the Olympic Village station was such a chore.
I always wake up with sore body due to the intense walking.

Along the streets at Sochi Port.

It is sure busy with lots of people.
There are lots of non-official Sochi souvenir shops along this street.

I got some souvenirs there.

There are just simple magnets.

I didn't bother to enter the official Sochi souvenir shop. It is just overcrowded with people.
People were queuing up just to get into the stores.

The winter palace.

Sochi is pretty much a city of its own.
It doesn't look very Russian compared to Moscow which architecture are pretty much in Soviet design and Saint Petersburg which is in Imperial Russian style.
Sochi is a very casual and relaxing city compared to these two cities. The people in this city seems to be happier.
Maybe it is due to the constant sunlight and great Mediterranean weather they are getting.

So, good bye Sochi, till we meet again. 

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