Saturday, March 8, 2014

Travel Diary : Winter Olympics in Sochi : Day 3

Happy International Women's Day to all the beautiful ladies in the world.
May every lady in the world feel amazing on this day.

So on my third day in Sochi. I headed to Krasnaya Polyana.
It is the mountain area where the events of snow sports are held.

On the way to Krasnaya Polyana.
The train from Olympic Park to Krasnaya Polyana takes about 45 minutes. Along the way you can enjoy the green forest mountain scenery.
I feel asleep midway since I was exhausted.

Finally in Krasnaya Polyana.

The weather is chillier compared to Adler.
Krasnaya Polyana is a mountain area which explains why it is colder, but it isn't very cold.

Around the Krasnaya Polyana Train Station. Lots of shuttle buses.
Also a cable car to the mountains.

At first we took the wrong shuttle bus which lead us to the cable car to the mountains, then we had to take another shuttle bus to Rosa Khutor.

The City Town Hall in Rosa Khutor.

The city of Rosa Khutor.

It is a nice quiet town to have a stroll.
It is also the first place that I saw a live site for the Olympic games. I haven't seen any at Adler nor the Olympic Park.

The beautiful snow mountain at Rosa Khutor.

Goodbye Krasnaya Polyana, leaving back to Olympic Park.

I made it on time to the Medal Plaza to witness the medal ceremony of the Ladies' Figure Skating.

I find it utterly pointless to seperate the event and the medal ceremony itself. I feel events like figure skating, medals should be awarded on the spot while the drama, excitement are still there.

After the medal ceremony, we flew to the bridge to wait for the athletes.
I am so glad that I waited there because I managed to meet Kim Yuna!

She is such a beautiful girl .

I even got her signature.

The view in the Olympic Park at Night
The Women's Ice Hockey is on in the Bolshoy Ice Dome! Canada vs USA.

Olympic flame.

Iceberg Skating Palace

Olympic design banners

Official Olympic Store.

I didn't enter any Official Olympic Store in Sochi since I am able to access to them in Moscow. The queue and crowd is just horrendous.

Theme Park.

Unfortunately the theme park is still close on this day. Well it was just a day away from the closing ceremony, looks like no one had the chance to experience the theme park in Sochi. What a waste.

This marks the end of my third day in Sochi.

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