Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mexican food

On Sunday, I visited my very first Mexican restaurant, Manito

This is their official website
We had 50% off coupon, so it makes eating out much cheaper and enjoyable. 

This is what I ordered along with my friends. 

Nachos with pork

This dish taste really good. I like the taste of smoked pork, it blends well with sour cream, jalapeno, cheese, salsa.
We had this dish twice, this proves how much we love it. 

Seafood Pilaf

This is an average dish. Don't love it nor hate it. There is nothing special about it. 
The seafood is not that fresh but I never expect much from Moscow seafood, the seafood in Moscow is mostly frozen. 

Pork for Fajitas. (Didn't take the picture of the Fajitas)

I like the pork in this dish. It taste really good. 

Overall with 50% off I will recommend this restaurant for an affordable and great eat out . 

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