Saturday, March 22, 2014

Romantic afternoon with peppermint tea

I have been eyeing on the Rimmel nail polishes for quite a long time. I find the colours very attractive so are their names.

Since the Rimmel buy 3 for 2 is still on at the beauty store near my hostel, I have decided to pick up 3 nail polishes before they go out of stock.
Actually when I went there today, most of the nail polish from Rimmel are sold out.

These are the three nail polishes that I picked up. Two are from Salon Pro line and one from the 60 seconds line.
Oh gosh! these colours are just so beautiful.

I am so into mint green. Peppermint is a peppermint green with blue tones.
It is absolutely beautiful for spring. Mint green never gets old.

I probably have hundreds of pale pinks but New Romantic is hard to resist.
It is one of the shades chosen by Kate Moss thus the 'Kate' sign on the bottle.

New Romantic is a pale peachy pink with silver microshimmers. It makes the most beautiful wedding nail colour.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary. I am totally in love with the name, it's a nursery rhyme. It reminds me of my childhood.

The colour though I find it doesn't have any correlation with its name. Mary Mary Quite Contrary reminds me of pale green colour but this, is a pale grey lilac colour, almost leaning to white. It is a gorgeous colour.
Reminds me of colours of macarons.

Overall, they are really beautiful nail polish colours. I am so in love with the colours. 

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