Saturday, March 1, 2014

Travel Diary : Winter Olympics in Sochi : Day 2

Since I was so tired from yesterday's event. I couldn't get up for the training session. It is pretty sad that we missed the ladies' free skating training session.

On the bright side, we roamed around the Olympic Park.
The Olympic park isn't as exciting as I thought it would be, maybe because the theme park is still closed.
Oh Russia, shouldn't you have gotten the theme park ready before the Olympics and now, I am actually visiting at the end of the Olympics. 3 more days to closing.

The Olympic Flame.

The Iceberg Skating Palace.

Food available in the park are baked potatoes, Russian pancakes, Shaurma (It is sort of like Kebab). Nothing too interesting and they are way overprice. It is recommended to fill your stomachs before coming into the Olympic park. Food outside would taste better.
Luckily my cruise provides buffet. So I stuffed myself before I came into the park.

Me and the Iceberg Skating Palace.

Bolshoy Ice Dome.
At night it lights up prettily and especially during matches it looks magnificent with projection of flags of countries contending and their scores.

Somewhat like this.

At 12.30pm, I went into Iceberg Skating Palace to watch the training session of short track.
Team Netherlands, Israel and Poland.

Poor Team Poland, she was all alone.

I only attended one training session because I need some rest before I knock off during the Ladies' Free Skating at night.

It is really hot in Sochi. The temperature was about 11-13 degree Celcius that day.
I was literally drenched in sweat in my winter jacket.
I should be smarter and brought a trench coat along with me but if I do I will go back to Moscow froze to death.

The Olympic Rings outside the Olympic Park station.

In the evening, Women's Free Skating!!

Mao Asada, Kim Yuna and Carolina Kostner made my night!

I saw Takahashi Daisuke at the other side from my seat. I went up to him and asked for a photo. He was so polite and he let me.
Oh gosh, fangirl moment!!

Apparently Murakami Kanako was standing beside my friend and my friend was star strucked.

On the way home, across the street we spotted Asada Mao. She noticed that we realized it was her, we kept exchanging glances.
She is really cute in real life.

Mao Asada for everyone.

The event ended at about 11pm and we went back home flat and tired again even so it is memorable day for me. A wonderful day that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

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