Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello Chilly November

Welcome November. It's also welcome winter to the land of snow and vodka.

Finally bought new winter boots to get myself prepared for the harsh winter here.
I really need these boots since I do not have any boots for winter.

Dark navy boots.

UGG style inspired grey boots.

I did a small skincare buy too since my skin was peeling and flaking due to the extreme dryness over here.

This is the first time purchasing skincare from Lush. It is the Celestial Facial Moisturizer. I would say it is kinda pricey at about 739Rub per tub of 40g but I really like it when I tried the tester, it felt so moisturizing.

I applied for the first time last night and my skin felt so soft. It might feel oily for people with oily skin but currently have dry, flakey skin so it absorbed the moment I rub the moisturizer into my skin.

It comes in Lush typical black tub.

The cream is pure white.

I have been thinking for some time whether I should get this because I am not into Western BB creams after using Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB and Eveline Cosmetics BB.
Lately, I am starting to accept Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB after applying it with a brush, I feel like it did its job after applying with a brush. My skin looked so smooth and radiant.

Jumped the bandwagon and got Garnier's BB Cream.

I havent used it or swatched it yet. So for now I don't know how is the consistency of this BB cream but I can't wait to use it in the future. 

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  1. Your boots look so cozy. The fur trims are so cute!