Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 2 : Wiltshire (Stonehedge)

Continuing from Windsor, the tour headed to one of UNESCO's world heritage sites, Seven Wonders of the World - The Stonehedge.

The drive to Wiltshire from Windsor is below two hours. Well I was snoozing off on the bus till I arrived Stonehedge.

Say goodbye to Windsor. I shall one day come back to you again.

Upon getting down the bus at Stonehedge site, it was freezing cold. The wind doesn't stop blowing.

Welcome to Stonehedge.

The Kissing Stones, it is said if you touch the stones you will have better luck.
I didn't touch them, I would rather not have extra luck than sticking my frozen fingers out from their warm home.

Walking to the Stonehedge, the wind is blowing like crazy!
I am sad that most part of the area are blocked.

The magnificent Stonehedge.

My facial expression looks painful from being "slapped" by the wind. 

Next stop of Day 2, Oxford! 

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