Friday, February 8, 2013

Primark haul

The first time stepping into Primark in Oxford Street was like heaven to me. Two floors worth of paradise.
Ofcourse I didn't leave the shop empty handed! 

To the haul!

Pardon me there's no proper place to take photos of my items in this small crammed up hostel room.
So please bear with the mess.

First for the clothes. 

A sleeveless lace top.

I do not like sleeveless because of my muffin top at my arm area but somehow this top just complements me really well.
It looks really sweet and elegant.

Skull top. Isn't something I would wear on an everyday basis but the design with the crystals really caught me.

A studded blue jumper.

I really wanted this jumper when I first saw it. Love at first sight?

The favourite of all my purchases a denim shirt with black mesh sleeves.

A eco bag with prints of famous landmarks of London.

A very cute ribbon makeup pouch.

It is very nicely made, very worth it for only  £3

Flower headband with studs and diamantes

This headband is so pretty! When I saw it, I just knew I had to get it.

It is just super pretty, it's sweet, elegant yet edgy.

Hair Mascaras.
Two pink and a blue. I am very into the ombre look and I want a way to achieve it without dying and damaging my poor hair.
I saw this near the small accessories section and I grabbed them, they are just  £1 each.

Embellish 3D manicure. This is a budget version of the Ciate Caviar Nail Polish.

I tried it on but the beads fall off fast, just in a matter of hours from doing some work.
Quite a disappointment but can't blame it, it is just  £2.50, maybe I applied it the wrong way, I am gonna try it again to see if it stays longer.

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