Saturday, February 23, 2013

UK Cosmetics haul : Superdrug edition.

Most brands available in the UK are inaccessible for me , since I was in UK I took the advantage and did a massive high-street haul.

I went to Superdrug about a total of five times when I was there. On the first few days in London, I stayed in Palmer's Lodge at Swiss Cottage and there was a "Superdrug" nearby. I didn't pop into the store till my last day there before I head to Edinburgh.

The other "Superdrugs" I went are the Edinburgh's, Victoria Coach Station's, Birmingham's Bull Ring's and Oxford Street's.
Going to different Superdrugs I manage to pick up items some Superdrug has, some doesn't.

The amount of makeup I bought.

I thought of just inserting this random photo here.
This is my first Superdrug haul in UK. I took this picture in my hostel in Edinburgh.
I wanted to post my first superdrug haul from there but the lighting wasn't good so yea, I waited till today.

The blushers.
Sleek, MUA, Lookbeauty.

I did went crazy with Sleek Blushers. I love Sleek blush. I own one of them (I got it last year via a spree, you  can click here to see it) and I wanted more.

MUA, I heard tons about this brand. VoussantBeauetBelle raved about the mosaic blushers so I knew I had to get them (with backups) and they were so affordable at £2.50
The normal blush is just £1.00.

The Lips.
Accessorize, Collection 2000 and Sleek.

I went to UK only thinking I was gonna pick up the Sleek Pout Paints which is the main lip item i wanted but looks like I went overboard again.
The Collection 2000's Cream Puff reminds me of the NYX Lip Creams.

The Eyes.

I am so excited when I saw there's an offer on Barry M's items. They were on Get 3 for 2. I immediately picked up the highly raved dazzle dust.
The Gel Eyeliner was on offer, I couldn't resist picking up one and moreover so the Black Collection isn't available here, so great get!

The three shades I picked up. All of them neutral shades.

Shade 51 : Mushroom
It is a Shimmery plummy-taupe.

Shade 39 : Tan
Just like its name, it is a peachy-pink tan.

This was in a mess when I opened it.
It was like puking fairy dust, all messy.
Shade 3 : Pink Gold

MUA Baked Eyeshadow Trios in Innocence

Maybelline "Black Collection" Gel Eyeliner in Black-Gold

It is a black with gold flecks.
Extremely gorgeous.

MUA Blusher in Shade 3
It is a peach with burnt orange in it. An absolute perfect colour for spring.
I have regretted not getting all 6 shades since they were only  £1 each

MUA Mosaic Blusher in English Rose
One of the most beautiful things I've seen in the drugstore. I was glad I bought it the first time I went to Swiss Cottage's Superdrug store because the other Superdrug I went, this blush wasn't in stock.

Sleek Blush, probably the best blush in the high-street market.

Pixie Pink


Life is a Peach

LookBeauty, I haven't heard much about this brand even on the Blogosphere.

What really caught me to this brand is their packaging. It is chic and sweet.

Shade 3 : Pinch

They were  £3 off. Originally they retail at £8.
It is a rose pink with a subtle shimmer. It really gives a feminine flush and glow to the face.

Sleek Pout Paints

Minx and Rosette

I never known Accessorize had a makeup line, I thought it is just an accessory store.
What really could me to the Accessorize counter is their makeup packaging. It is just so pretty and it has the "British" feeling. I just don't know how to explain it in words.

Shade 3 : Besotted

Collection 2000 Lipstick.
I got them because they were on offer and I was searching for a nude lipstick and Natural Collection's Rose Petal were out of stock in the "Boots" I went.

I picked up 13 Satin Bow and 12 Tea Rose

12 Tea Rose
Brown toned nude

13 Satin Bow
Lighter than Tea Rose with more pink-tone

In the pictures they don't look nude but they look nude on my lips.

Three Cream Puffs from Collection 2000
From Left : Fairy Cake, Powder Puff and Cotton Candy

The names are really candilicious!

The last two items I picked up are lipcare items.

I really like Carmex since the day my friend gifted me on from Australia but they are not
 available where I live.
Nivea Lip Butter. The Caramel Cream totally caught me. I love all caramel stuff. Also this lip butter smells delicious.

That all I hauled in the high-streets of UK.

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