Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What is in travel makeup bag : UK episode

Prior to departing to the UK. I compiled the makeup I needed to bring to UK.
I always overpack in the makeup department, I can never pack sensibly for travel. I always pack like 30 items and maybe only use only 10 items out of the 30.
The makeup probably contributed 2kgs to my luggage weight.

Base Makeup Department

I actually did used everything off here alternating my foundation/BB cream every each other day together with my base.
I certainly reach out for my BB cream more

I hardly used my MAC concealer and Catrice Prime and Fine, my skin was behaving good enough (except till the end) for me not to touch it.
Well Catrice Prime and Fine is not following me for travel the next time.

Eye Department

Everything here served its purpose in my travel except for the Maybelline Color Tattoo.
I have found my love for the Art Deco's Grey eyeshadow. Have been using this eyeshadow on most days

Lip Department + some eyes.

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