Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pure Aura : The Face Shop, A'Pieu, Missha, Innisfree

Summer was the time for crazy online shopping. I was letting loose with too much in hauling and I haven't post up all my hauls.
Here's another haul post that I did in Summer. 

It is another CC cream loot. I did went crazy with CC creams, I know some people didn't buy the gimmick/concept because of the sheer coverage but I am loving them. 
This time, I got a brand that I never ventured before, A'pieu. A'pieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream. 
The Face Shop Faceit Aura Color CC Cream.
The lip colours were Missha Glam Art Triple Lips and Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick. 

The A'Pieu CC cream comes in a transparent plastic box. I would say this is interesting, it is the first time seeing a makeup item comes in a box like that. It's a really sturdy box that would last through rain, heat and bashing up from transit. 

The packaging is very beautiful with the glittery black bottle and purple flower designs. I love it. 

The CC cream comes in a push-type. 

The top is a concealer for those who needs more coverage. 

It comes with 30ml worth of CC cream and 2.9g of concealer. The price is on the pricier side for a roadshop brand. I bought it for about USD22 or so, I don't really remember. 

The Face Shop Face it Aura Color CC Cream.

I have heard great reviews about CC cream because it has better coverage than most CC creams out in the market.

The CC cream comes in a unique compact case. I find these type of packaging really convenient for application anytime and anywhere.

I haven't remove the sticker but that's the hole where the product comes out.

Next, I got the lip item that is heavily promoted in Korea.

Missha Signature Glam Art Triple Lips in Mambo Pink.

When I was watching the drama 'Nine', I kept seeing the CF of BoA promoting this lip product.
This lip product works as a tint. lipgloss or lipstick depending on the amount of layers you apply.

The packaging is really sleek and sturdy.
This lip product is slightly on the pricier side for roadshop brands.

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick
The colour is one of the recommended colour in #2 Cocktail Pink

It is a hot pink colour, the 'hot' colour for the spring/summer season. It's not spring/summer season anymore but who cares. Hot pink is still my favourite lipcolour.

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