Sunday, September 15, 2013

Burgundy leaves : Autumn haul

After looking autumn look pictorials, I have been looking for wine coloured & red coloured lipsticks, red eyeshadows, everything that screams Autumn.

Have anyone seen those autumn look pictorials released by Korean cosmetic companies?
They look gorgeous, you all should check them out.

I picked up two lipsticks, an eyeshadow and a blush.

Essence Guerilla Gardening TE Cream Blush in Floral Glam.

This was the at the clearance section so I thought I am just gonna pick it up since lately I have a thing for cream blushes. They just give you a nice flush of colour which looks like a glow from within.
I have used it today and I like it. It gives such a beautiful flush of colour and the pigmentation is great.
It doesn't last the whole day though, maybe about 5 hours or so but it is great enough.

Divage lipstick in 3612.

I like this colour, it is like a rose wine colour which is perfect-o for autumn.
Since it is on the darker side of colours, the lipstick does leave a tint to the lips. So it last the whole day.
The lipstick isn't too drying on the lips too.

Divage Velvet eyeshadow in 7315.

This is one unique colour. It is a burgundy red colour. It is in trend in Korea now for Autumn and me being bold, I bought this colour to incorporate into my autumn looks.

I know burgundy and reds are risky colours as they can make the eyes look puffy and sore.

I tried it today and works very well with my bronze eyeshadow. It gives a romantic look.
I will take a EOTD with this eyeshadow soon.

The eyeshadow is not too pigmented and it is slightly chalky but I can work with it.

The last item I got is a lipstick

a Catrice lipstick. Yes, I have been into rose, wine and red colours for this season.
I couldn't resist picking up this glamourous red lipstick.

The colour is 'My Red Card'

I haven't use this lipstick yet but can't wait to rock a red lip look!

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