Sunday, September 8, 2013

Purple Mist

Back to Moscow, so we are gonna have to bear with the ugly photos and lighting.

The mall near Yugo Zapadnaya has opened a new makeup store.

The brand is Divage.

I only got two items from the store but I will go back to check out other items.

A lipstick and a matt nail polish.

The lipstick comes in a hot pink tube, in my honest opinion, the packaging looks a tad tacky but it is sturdy.

There isn't a name for the colour, it comes in number codes.
This lipstick's number is 3615.

It is a purple colour. It looks very sophisticated.

This autumn, purple seems to be the 'In' colour. I can't wait to pull off this purple lip look.

The swatch of the matte nail polish in 5608.

I fell in love with this colour at first sight. It looks like Etude House's Look at my Eyes cafeshadow in Sweet Potato Latte in nail polish form.

Super gorgeous colour.
It is gonna be my go-to autumn colour.

Divage is a Russian brand with affordable price, you can check it out if you do come visit Russia. Here is the official website (The website might be hard to navigate because it is in Russian and there isn't an English option)
It is available at most beauty outlets such as L'etoile, подружка etc. They do have their own stand alone counters.
You can check out the address here

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