Thursday, May 24, 2012

Almost the end of May....

The most heartwarming thing happened to me yesterday. It was just such a relief.
Have you ever had that moment that when you talk to someone, you just forget everything and let yourself loose and after everything it just felt so good.

Even so, I still have some uneasy thoughts about it and.. I just can't describe it but I still just much better than before.
I need to solve this feeling in me fast!

Anyway down to a NOTD,
It has been awhile since I paint my nails. I have been so lazy to do anything.
The only thing in my mind is just that I wanna go back home.

So near yet so long.
One more month. I shall be patient.

Pink nails and glitter.
One of my favourite combination.

You know about the event in the previous post.
I went to that event, I will try to post up pics on it, but also I wanna protect certain privacy about me.
So let me decide in between before I post.

Then I did buy some stuffs for the event.
The event is more like between a prom and annual get-together dinner.
I was a helper on that day so I didn't dress all glam up since I had to run up and down.

A chain from Diva.
I like the chain at first sight but now I look at it the more it looks like a rosary.
Now it is hanging infront of me like how you hang it on an altar.

I bought this clutch from NewLook.
And guess what?
It was just 100rubles. 100rubles. It is so hard not to be tempted.
It is a handy clutch, great for a lot of occasion. The glitters just drew me in.

I am gonna take a slight break in posting to solve my problems first.
Hopefully I find the mood back and fix all my emotions 

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