Sunday, May 15, 2011

May haul.

The beauty store near my hostel is having a 15% off storewide. So I decided to pick up some things.

Mostly from the the new cosmetic brand they brought in, which is Vivienne Sabo.
It states Vivienne Sabo, Paris but at the bottom it states Switzerland. So I am not sure the origin of this brand and whether It is sold outside of Russia.
There's minimal information on this brand.

Ok on to the haul.

Vivienne Sabo Liquid Liner in Carbon.
Comes in a weird bottle shape but I find it pretty cute.
Feels like the ferrel of the Sephora brushes.
This one I didn't pick up on the sale, I bought it prior to the sale because I needed a liquid liner.

Kinda amusing. Charbon?
Is it spelt wrongly or is it on purpose?

A swatch.
I am gonna review about the liner after a few more tries.

This is what I actually picked up on the sale.
2 Couleurs De Luxe Lipglosses and a duo eyeshadow.
They cost around 100 roubles after the sale.

The Jeter Du Chic duo eyeshadow, I bought in the colour 39.
Here's the ingredient list.

Here's the packaging. Kinda cheap looking but you can't expect much for such a cheap eyeshadow. It is good it comes with a sponge tip applicator.

It comes with a shimmery pink shade and a dark plum colour with a sheen.

Couleurs De Luxe Luxury Lipgloss in 81
This one is a dusty pink colour. Very natural and pretty.
I have been eying on trying this lipgloss for awhile since I swatched it in the shop.
It is a cream formula with micro shimmers, not really noticeable on the lips, it doesn't have chunky shimmer nor glitters.

Couleurs de Luxe Luxury Lipgloss in 82
This is a milky bubblegum pink. Super cute shade.
Very creamy and pigmented too.
Today is pretty gloomy thus lighting quality is pretty bad.

Clearer swatches under artificial lighting.
Top is 82 and Bottom is 81

Swatches on my hand, just one swipe spreaded out.
Top is 82 and Bottom is 81.
Pigmented colours.

I lost my old card, they gave me a new one.
The new one is so cute.

The rest is other stuffs I picked up from the hypermarket.
Garnier Tinted Roll-on eye
This got a lot of raves in youtube, I bought it because I needed a new sorta of like eye essence or cream because my Lumene one isn't working for me.

This is how it looks like inside. The downside for the packaging is the product overflows.
Such a waste.

A swatch on my hand.
The texture is watery.

Also got a random bottle of cheap polish
Cost 11 roubles if I am not mistaken.
Very flattering colour for my skin.

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