Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review : Vivienne Sabo Couleurs De Luxe Luxury Lipgloss

I am gonna on this new lipglosses I purchased a few days ago. I only wore them for 3 days but I think that enough tries to give them a review.

This is how they look like.
They come in a classy gold lid imprinted with the name of the gloss in gold.
I actually took pictures of the actual product in my May Haul post.
It comes with 8ml and cost around 140roubles. It is very afforable.

The gloss comes in a thick texture thus I find it hard to spread it and it can be really gloopy if applied too much. Texture is a wee bit sticky but it doesn't bother me.
It is so pigmented that a little is needed for apply on the lips. Usually I just dab the sponge tip applicator on my lips and spread it out my lips.It gives a lot of colour even applying as so.
For me, it feels like a lip cream than a lipgloss due to the thick consistency.

I am wearing the lipgloss in the number 81.
It is a baby pink on the lips. Very flattering baby pink.

The lasting effect is pretty average. Last about 4-5 hours if you don't eat or drink.
I am one those type who do not mind reapplying lip products as long as the colour is pretty unless I paid a lot for that particular lip product. So this doesn't bother me.

This lipgloss is neither too dry nor too moisturizing thus it is advisable to exfoliate the lips before applying the lipgloss or apply intensive lip balm the night before applying this lipgloss.
It does set into fine lines so people with horribly chapped lips. Exfoliate and moisturize before applying it.

Overall, a lovely lipgloss. I love it.

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