Monday, May 9, 2011

Collective reviews : Skincare

For the past few months, I have been buying skincare from this land of Moscow since I didn't bring over much from my home thinking that there would be vast selection of sincare over here but oh boy, I was wrong. I still still think my home country has more selections in terms of skincare since there's local, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and also Western skincare line.

This is my 2nd bottle of toner here, the first bottle I used is Garnier's Rose water line toner.
It's L'oreal's Pure Zone 30 second effect matyfying toner.
It comes in 200ml with 40% alcohol denat.
For those with sensitive skin, please stay away from this toner as it might burn your skin.
Upon using it it has a strong alcohol smell which is not pleasant at all and worse, it lingers for quite some time.
If you have bursted pimples, please never ever apply this on because it would sting it.

For me this toner cleans well on my skin but I don't know about the reduction of my pimples on my skin. My pimple comes once a month, which is when the time of the month comes and when I am sick. I still start breaking out here and there on the T-zone. My pores, I don't see a reduction. I have extremely large pores on my nose especially. So I don't see it doing much for my skin.
Despite being heavy in the alcohol section it doesn't give the tightening effect upon applying.
Hasn't caused me to break out nor have any allergic reaction.

I wouldn't repurchase this toner because of the strong alcohol scent and It didn't to much for my skin too.

Sto toner with aloe and rose water.

This one is a Russian brand skincare line. It comes really cheap too. I think about 30roubles for such small bottle.
The floraly scent of this toner comes off really strong thus we know they have been pumping in lots and lots of fragrance into this toner. However I find the scent is really pleasant and sweet. Those who hate scented products better steer away from this if you do come to Russia.

It gives of a refreshing effect upon applying and cleans my skin pretty well and that's pretty much all it does.
Doesn't cause any break out nor allergic reaction on me.

Well, honestly I would repurchase it for the scent because I pretty much like it and It is also a good simple toner for its price.

Babooshki Agafi Face Cream.

Haven't used it all but since I am half way through my tube now I think it's time to do a review.
I bought this actually for the cold and drying winter months when my nose's skin was actually peeling and shedding like snake skin.
I have to say this cream worked in healing my dry skin areas together with the use of the moisturizers I brought from Malaysia. I realize the Russian brands moisturizers I have been using, didn't help my skin at all.
The texture of this cream is actually really moussy and creamy.Pretty smooth in application since it is has a pretty mediumly thin creamy consistency instead of gooey and thick like the Nivea cream. Comes with a light floral scent so light that you won't really notice it unless you really sniff the product closely.
Hasn't clog my pores nor caused any sort of break out nor allergic reaction.
It won't heal the dry areas immediately but it will if you use it daily. It is not a miracle worker type of cream. So if urgently need to heal a dry spot this won't do. It's moisturizing but not moisturizing enough and you still need a moisturizer to use along with it.

I do not know if I would repurchase because I am interested to try out other creams. For its price, it is pretty good. It was about 20roubles only for 40ml.

Oxy oil control moisturizer.

First of all, I love love love love the scent of this moisturizer. Smells like grapes. So lovely.
This moisturizer comes in a gel like consistency thus suitable for oily skin as cream texture usually are too heavy on oily skin. So its texture is actually really light on oily skin.
For the oil control, for the Russian weather now which is like Spring season, it controls the oil on my nose well, I do not need to blot my face through out the day, anyway I haven't seen oil blotting paper sheets here yet and I forgot to bring them over from Malaysia. So it is good that I don't need to blot.
It moisturizes well. After using this moisturizer since I finished my Russian brand one about a month ago, my nose skin doesn't peel anymore and my skin doesn't look or feel as dry anymore too.
It comes with 8 plant extracts that help control oil including Witch hazel. Plant extract is good.
It doesn't clot my pores at all. No allergic reaction nor break out.

I really really love this moisturizer. I will definitely repurchase. I still have 2 bottles of backups with me. Thanks daddy for sending to me =)
It cost about RM13.90, you can always look out for sales, for 45g worth of products.

Lumene Vitamin C+ Pure radiance eye cream SPF 6.

The texture of the eye cream is light, it absorbs really quickly upon spreading but sometimes if you don't spread it fast, it can ball up.
After using this eyecream for about a month, I actually don't see a change in my eye. I mean I don't expect it to remove fine lines nor dark eye circles immediately or miraculously but I did hope it would moisturize or brighten my eye area more which I don't see.
So I am actually pretty disappointed in this product but I can't complain since it is not a very expensive eye cream.
Lumene products are disappointing me for now eventhough how promising they can look.
I think I am gonna switch to Garnier's eyecream which comes with the concealer than MakeupbuTiffanyD raved about. Then when I go back to my home I might go get myself a Kiehl's eyecream.

I wouldn't repurchase this again.

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