Saturday, May 21, 2011

NYX in L'etoile Russia

Yesterday I was walking around this Russian chain beauty store. You could say it is like Russian's ULTA. L'etoile.

What surprised me is there's a collection of NYX there.
There's didn't have a huge selection though, there's the powder blushes, mosaic blush, twin powder cake, mega lip shine lipgloss, round lipgloss, round lipstick, black label lipstick etc.
but. they are way overpriced. For a round lipstick it is around 300+ roubles (USD11) where you could get it in America for USD2. See the extreme price hike.
Most are hiked more than double their actual price. Which is too much for me.

Anyway, I picked up a lipbalm from L'etoile because I needed one. I didn't know where I misplaced my Nivea lipbalm.
Isn't it cute?

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