Sunday, May 8, 2011

мои покупки Vivienne Sabo.

The beauty store near my hostel brought in a new line of cosmetics, Vivienne Sabo just awhile ago.
Today when i went for hairspray shopping for the prom (I will update about it soon.), I picked up some from the line.

I picked up 2 lipsticks and a lash fixer.

This is how the packaging of the lipsticks looks like.
Looks really classy to carry around despite it is a cheap lipstick

Colour 101, Light Rose Pink. Super beautiful colour that compliments every type of skintone.
It is a really wearable colour.

Colour 112, Nude pink colour
Lovely colour .

Swatches with 101 on the left and 112 at the right.
Very pigmented and creamy.

The "Fixateur" Eyebrows and Lash Fixing Gel.
It comes with 6ml/0.21 fl.oz. of product.
This is how the brush looks like.
The fixer liquid inside is a clear brown colour thus it doesn't really "dye" your eyebrows but it keeps it in place. It fills in the brows with a light tint of brown.
It cost 147roubles.

Something extra I got.
Got2b heat protectant spray.
You don't wanna damage your hair with curler never want to.

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