Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review : Vilenta Ginseng Restoring and Rejuvenating Mask

I bought this mask from "Ashan" in Russia because I was interested to see how the sheet mask here would work.
I do not know if this brand is sold outside of Russia.
It cost about 25roubles. Reasonably priced.

The fabric for the face mask is not too thick nor thin. Just nice.
It comes with a neck portion, so you could mask your face together with your neck.
It didn't state how much essence it comes with but it is definitely enough for your neck and face.
The size of the mask is just slightly big for my face but I could work with it.

I applied this mask over 20 minutes.
The essence is absorbed into the skin, it didn't ball up when I rub over my face after masking.
I do not like how certain essence will ball up upon rubbing the face after masking. This doesn't.

I do see a good brightening effect after applying this mask and also tightening.
I didn't like how it tightens my face, my face just felt overly tight, took me awhile before I could smile properly. This proves how much it tightens.
It also moisturizes my face. I like how bouncy my skin is.

Didn't cause any allergic reaction or break out on me.
I do not sensitive skin, so I don't know how it reacts on sensitive skin but if you have normal skin, it shouldn't cause any allergic nor break out.

It stated it is suitable for age 25 and up. I don't really care about that but if you are below 25, you can still use this mask.

Overall, good mask for its price.

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