Monday, May 2, 2011

Clothes love and haul.

A little clothing haul with I did on the weekends to welcome new clothes for the spring.

Mostly from H&M.

First, is a simply strapped dress in ballerina pink.
Really sweet colour.

Got a boyfriend shirt too. Lately I really like this type of shirts.
how it looks on me. Took this pic in the dressing room.
Sorry about the collar, I didnt adjust it properly.

A simply white dress.
I like the knit detail here.

Simple and cute.
And summery.

A new handbag for me.
This one is so pretty and it was on discount.
So it retails for 500 roubles.

This is the only piece from New Yorkers. It is a navy blue tube with ribbon.

The ribbon really makes it a really cute piece. Perfect for any occasion

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