Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review : Maybelline Affinitone 24h foundation.

This foundation is fairly new in Russia. It's the Maybelline Affinitone 24hours foundation. I think it is the equivalent to the US' Maybelline Superstay 24hours foundation.

It comes in a sturdy glass pump bottle like this with 30ml worth of products.
I like how it is packaged. I think it is hygienic and convenient since you don't expose the content inside to the air and also able to control the amount of foundation needed.

I am a NC20 for reference. There's actually no exact match to my skintone in this line of foundation which comes in about 6 colours if I am not mistaken.
I chose the lightest shade, 05 light beige. This is the closest match to my skin but it has very pink undertones but I can work with it, it doesn't look off after much blending into my skin.

I always have this problem with Maybelline's foundation. They are either too pink or too orange for my skin.

The texture of the foundation is medium in viscosity and pretty creamy.
Dries down to a powder feel upon applying. It doesnt dry too fast so you can take your time applying but not too long.

I apply this using my fingers on lazy days. I do not recommend using fingers as it applies pretty streaky with fingers. It is advisable to use a foundation brush to apply, I usually use a buffer brush to apply. I notice that I use way less product when I am applying using a brush and there is lesser streaks too. 

I don't know if you can see it, this foundation sets into fine lines. People with very dry skin, please stay away from this foundation if you don't want to accentuate your fine lines or dry patches. My skin isn't really dry but it already accentuate mysterious 'dry patches'.

The finish is purely matte and it has medium coverage and buildable. I don't recommend building as it might look cakey. I find that it has enough coverage for me.
This foundation is definitely drying, so I would suggest to thoroughly moisturize the face before applying it.
It claims to last for 24 hours but I don't think it last that long, for a person who likes to rest my face on my palms, I would say it last around 8-9hours even after setting it with powder. Good enough.
Oil control wise, I think it does pretty good on my skin. I didn't notice any oiliness through out the day but then my skin is not oily, lately it has been more to the dry side but not to the extend that I have dry patches.
It doesn't clog my pores or caused me to have any allergic reaction to it. Doesn't oxidise into a darker shade too.
I recommend it for really oily skin and maybe combination skin.

For me it is a just average foundation, there is nothing too special about it, it didn't make my skin look better or anything. It is just covers all pores, redness and blemishes. 
It is really dry but then ain't most makeup that claims to be long lasting dry?
Overall, It's not worth the money.

EDIT: after using for a few times, this product is the culprit for making me break out.
This product is going into the bin. 

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