Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gmarket haul #4

I mainly got only one thing from this Gmarket haul the rest are my mum's and sister's.
So I don't even know if I should even call this post a haul, definitely doesn't fit it the category

I hopped in when I knew The Saem was having a 30% off and jumped on the bandwagon getting this gimmicky product.

The Saem Gem Miracle Motion BB.
It comes in a sturdy box and look! there's IU the brand's muse.

It comes with a BB compact and the vibrating applicator.

I did some research before I bought this applicator because I only need one and I want one that is in the affordable range and the best among them.

It took me about 3-4 months thinking if I should get them.

and then I saw this article from Hope-in-a-blog.

Then it is then, I made up my mind getting The Saem's.

It comes with the foundation which I thought there should be an option not to get the foundation because not everyone needs the foundation, some people just want the machine and it would be cheaper if they sold the machine and foundation seperately than to pay for the price of two.

The compact has a really nice packaging. It is those liquid foundation in a compact type which is not often seen.

It makes it easier for the machine to pick up the foundation from the compact.

You have to hold on to the on/off button to actually switch it on.
It is operated by LR44 batteries. You can get those cheap in Daiso or the market.

The sponge can be removed to be washed. It doesn't come with any extra sponges but the quality of the sponge is good and it can last awhile.

I would say this is a fun item to own, it is not necessary.

Yes, it creates a flawless finish but still it is not a thing to use everyday unless there's a lot of makeup time because it doesn't really reach into corners of the face and buffing in that area is needed because of that.

Anyhow it is still a fun thing to own and maybe a great thing to use on the days with events or functions where you want your base makeup looking top notch. 

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