Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Depotting Jumbo Eye Pencils

Urgh I just realize my LA Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil are not the twist up type, I hate it like that because when you sharpen you just lose so much product (and I don't like sharpening my cosmetics).
So I went up to google and found a great way of depotting them

All you need is a hair-dryer, a small jar and something to hold the pencil, you don't wanna hold it while melting it, you don't want to burn your hands.

I got myself the remaining empty jars that I use to store my loose eyeshadows from NYX.

Blow~ Blow~Blow~
It is starting to melt! Gently tap down the products into the jar.

Done with both, now I am gonna cool them down in my air conditioned room. You can also put it into the fridge for a moment.

Done with both of them, gonna send them off to the bin!

Since I messed some up, here are little swatches

Sand Castle

Cherry Blossom

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