Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Haul : Qoo10 #1

I did order lots from Qoo10. It is like my favourite new place to shop for Korean cosmetics.

I am going to post my order batch by batch to not mess up everything.

Let's start off with the not so interesting items.

Snail Repair Cream and Missha Tinted Jelly Lips

I actually ordered two of the tinted jelly lips, another one is a pink but unfortunately it was out of stock.

The snail cream comes in a generous amount of 100ml. It's going to take awhile before I finish them up.

I know snail cream is gonna make you think all gooey and slimy.

Well, the cream is not gooey nor slimy, the texture is pretty light and spreads easily and absorbs easily too.

I haven't been using it much but so far, I doesn't irritate my skin nor break me out. I haven't seen difference yet but I have been only using it now and then.

All spreaded.

Missha Jelly Tinted Lips in Fresh Mango

It comes with a brush applicator.
This colour is something i never owned before, that is the reason I picked it up. It is a mango colour, it is pretty unique.

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