Wednesday, July 3, 2013

G-market haul #3

I placed orders to G-market through out when I was not at home, sometimes to get my mum's skincare and also my sister's Kpop CDs (that is also when I sneaked in to placed some orders of my items, well, well, to make the hefty shipping worth it)
I will be separating my G-market haul post according to batches. 

This haul is a birthday haul. It is fairly larger than most of my other Gmarket hauls. 

I got tons of skincare samples from high-end Korean brands, blushers, lip balms and primers.

First, I got two blushers from an unknown Korean brand to me, Tears.
It was on offer and I thought there's no harm to grab it and give it a go. 

The colours I got are PK01 and PK04. 
PK01 is a light baby pink.
PK04 doesn't look pink at all, I do not know why it has PK at its name. It is more of a brown tone orange. 

It opens side ways, took me awhile to realize that. 

VOV Lipbalms. They are too cute to resist. 
Not to mention they are really affordable themselves. 

From left : 02 Strawberry Rabbit, 01 Cherry Rabbit, 03 Coral Rabbit

Banila co. Primer Primer in Hydrating Shimmer

I heard many rave reviews on this primer so I just got one to try out. 
Actually, I wanted the hydrating version at first but it was out of stock, so I settled with the hydrating shimmer version. 

Chosungah Raw Dayshu Real Skin Fixer.

This is the most expensive item I got in this haul.

Chosungah is a skincare brand started by a Korean Makeup Artist - Cho Seong Ah.
This cream is like those of korean volumers and skinbase that provides the korean actress luminous face glow to the skin and It is a 'hit' in Korea. 

I read a review from Hope-in-a-blog, and from then, I just knew I had to get it. 
I am a fan of the luminous skin look because it 'cheats' flawless skin. When you face glows, it somehow takes away the attention from your skin imperfections. 

Click here to read the review from hope-in-a-blog. 

If this is too expensive for you but you want to try something like this cream,there is some road-shop brand that have a dupe for this cream.
The one I know is Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish. 

I got my cream from this seller

Next, I got skincare samples from Korean high-end brands like Sulwhasoo, History of Whoo and Su:m 37
Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream

Each sample has 5ml worth of product and they come in 22 pieces of samples. 

Su:m 37 Air Rising Dazzling Base. 

Each tube contains 17ml, there two tubes in each set of the sample, so that makes 34ml. That's close to a full size product at 40ml. 

History of Whoo Whitening Essence.

History of Whoo Secret Court Cream

There are two more items which I totally forgot to include in the 'group' haul picture.

Aritaum Mono Eyes. 

They are very soft so they crumbled during the transit. I need to go out to get rubbing alcohol to press them back. 

The colour I got is no 41. Swiss Veil and no. 43 Athens
Can't read Korean so I don't know the name.

The Aritaum eyeshadows are a big 'hit' in Korea due to their affordable price and great texture and pigmentation.

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