Friday, July 19, 2013

Mini Elianto haul

I am leaving to Melbourne for a trip tomorrow. So, there won't be any updates for a week.

Now to a mini haul. 
Elianto is a local brand over here in Malaysia, over the years, they have been upgrading on their eyeshadows. Their eyeshadows used to be at a flat rate of RM5, then quality wise, it wasn't very good, most eyeshadows run chalky and pigmentation was meh~

Eversince they updated their eyeshadow range, pigmentation got so much better. 

I got two colours this time. 

Lustre shadow in Sophia Pink and Luscious shadow in California Gold

Sophia Pink is a Wheat Brown colour with some pink undertones.
It is not as pink as the name suggest, no idea why they named it this way.

California Gold is a real deal Gold with lots of gold shimmers.

I haven't try them out, when I do I will post a EOTD. 

Another thing I picked up that is a necessity. This is from the local drugstore.
L'oreal UV Perfect. 

I never leave the house without sunblock/sunscreen no matter what season it is. Let it be winter.
I just don't wanna risk having freckles, my mum has them so I am worried that I might get them too.

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