Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sasa haul - Candy Doll

The other day I was walking around the mall and I saw Sasa having a sale on Candy Doll's lip products.
It is a buy one get one free which is too hard to pass off. 

I previously only owned Candy Doll blushes and I like the blushes! 

In the end, I picked up these two lip glosses. 

Macaron Pink and Cotton Candy.

I swatched them at the counter and they are really pigmented. I like the colour 'Macaron Pink' a lot, a milky strawberry pink.

It is a very popular 'Gyaru' lip colour.
I used to read 'Popteen' and I notice a lot of models uses Candy Doll lipgloss to achieve the milky pink juicy gyaru lips.

The lipgloss contains Sodium Hyaluronate which is a strong hydrator and Tocopherol which has antioxidant effect. 

The packaging is very simple. It isn't very extravagant nor chic nor cute.

Macaron Pink.

Cotton Candy

The lid is black with silver strips and the brand 'Candy doll' on it.

I wanted to try their lipsticks but the lipsticks were out of stock, it's okay. Anyway, the glosses are great too.
The base makeup were not on discount if not I would have picked them up too. I want to try the loose powder and foundation.

They now retail RM58.50 (before the offer) at the local Sasa Malaysia. 
Grab them before the offer ends! 

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