Thursday, August 1, 2013

Daiso mini buy.

Daiso is always the place for cheap great finds. You can always find some surprises everytime you step into Daiso.

While I was browsing through the cosmetic section, I came across these new lipsticks. 

Ellefar Princess Nudy Lip.

This is new in Daiso, I haven't seen it around before. There's an eyeshadow palette in this range too but i didn't pick up.

It reminds me of Dolly wink lipsticks and the Canmake Nudy Lip line. I guess this is Daiso's take on these lipsticks. 

It comes with three colours Nude, Peach and Pink. 

The packaging comes with a clear cap and black cap.
You can use either one, I chose using the black one because it makes the lipstick look sleeker and more exprnsive.

The packaging has some lace details on it, kinda Anna Sui-esque and making the whole lipstick look girlier.

Nude is a brown beige colour.

Pink is mauve pink.

The nudy lips line isn't all that nudy  except for the colour Nude but for RM5 can't complain.
Surprisingly they apply on creamy and glides on the lips nicely. They are nicely pigmented too. 
It is definitely a great pick from Daiso. 

You can run to your local Daiso to pick one, if they haven't run out of stock! 

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