Wednesday, August 14, 2013

korean food~~

This is my first time trying Dubu Dubu Seoul food.

I ordered Dolsot Bimbimbap set which came with citron tea and citron dubu dessert.

Korean food always come with side dishes, this is no different, this came with 3 side sides and a bowl of soup.

The Dolsot Bimbimsap is averagely tasty, there's no 'wow' factor to it.
The vegetables blend is okay except for the carrot and cabbage is pretty hard, it wasn't blanched before serving, we have to mix it for it to 'cook' and some of bits didn't 'cook', so I am left with some hard pieces.

The Citron dubu is really lovely.
The blend with the sweetness of the soup and the sourness of the citron goes well together.

a very refreshing dessert.

The service for this shop is pretty fast considering there's not many customer on the day of visit.

It's a pretty decent shop to hang out. 

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