Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Under the sea : Etude house and Innisfree mini buy

Etude House has been pushing out a lot of collections of the past few months. 

The 'Color Pop' and 'Bling in the sea' collection didn't interest me too much.
Among the Bling in the Sea collection, they have repackaged their Sun BB, I wanted to try their Sun BB but I never got to getting it.
Then I saw this seller selling the 'Bling in the sea' BB at a very affordable price, also then my friend wanted a new BB cream and she went to check out Etude's BB and she told me she wanted the Sun BB, so I thought, why not? Let's buy it together at this affordable price and save shipping cost. 

The packaging of the BB cream. 
This version is definitely prettier than the normal sun BB packaging.  The difference between this and the older one is this version doesn't have 'cool fix'

Instead of the eggpklant coloured cap, this version has a light blue cap.

Bling in the sea is printed on the tube. The packaging definitely looks girlier with the light blue colours.

The sponge.

I doubt I will be using the sponge since I find it hard to apply with a sponge at the corners of the face.

Another product I got is the highly raved Jill by Jill Stuart Innisfree Shadow Pencils. 

This pencils were so popular on the Korean blogosphere and it was featured in 'Get it Beauty'
This collection comes with the Shadow Pencil, Gel Eyeliner Pencil and Color Pop Liner (Liquid Liner).

Out of these three, the ones that interest me the most is Shadow Pencil and Gel Eyeliner Pencil but in the end I settled for their Shadow Pencil.

Jill by Jill Stuart is a casual line by Jill Stuart, so the packaging design is more on the casual side compared to the princessy Jill Stuart line. 
I really like the simple yet chic packaging.

I got two colours. 
03 Star Beige
08 Dazzling Jeju Sea

The cute parrot sticker. 

08 Dazzling Jeju Sea is a light blue. 

It is the advertised colour for this collection, the model is sporting this on the promo poster. 
I wanted to be more adventurous for i settled for this colour.

03 Star Beige
Like its name, it is a beige, my comfort zone colour.

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