Friday, August 2, 2013

Etude House mini buy

My mum actually got this quite a long time ago. Etude House was having a buy 1 free 1 then and she picked up a BB cream, one is for her and one is for me.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in Bright Fit.

Usually the local Etude House is overpriced but with the buy 1 free 1 sale, the prices are more reasonable eventhough I could get it cheaper online for some items.

The BB Cream comes in a generous amount of 60g. 

My mum got matched to N02 - Light Beige and I have the same skin tone colour as her. 
The lightest colour in the range.
There's 4 colours in the range, N02, W13, W15, W24. W24 being the darkest.

I haven't been matched for a MAC foundation for the longest time but the last time I got matched, I was a NC20. 

This BB Cream has a dewy finish. 
So it is great for people who wants the 'glow' or people with dry/normal skin. If those with very oily skin  who wants to try Etude House BB, there's a cotton fit which leaves a powdery finish.

I haven't use this BB Cream, it is lying in my vanity cupboard collecting dust. I will try to get around using it and leave an impression soon with a FOTD.

This BB Cream retails at RM89.90 at the local Etude House. It is better to wait for a buy one free one promotion to purchase it or you could find it even cheaper on online shopping sites. 

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