Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tea Tree.

Finally I got my hands to some Naruko products. I have been eying on Naruko prducts for a long time after hearing good review from makeup gurus.

I finally jumped on the bandwagon when I realize that my skin condition hasn't been too good of late and I really wanna improve my skin condition. 

So I bought two items from the tea tree range.

I got the toner and the serum.

The toner has a volume of 150ml which is a generous amount and the serum comes in 40ml.

This is how the packaging looks, it comes in a purple bottle.
The smell of the products are a little minty with a strong tea tree scent. 

So far I really love the products especially the serum. The texture is super light and really easily adsorbed. Makes application easy.
I haven't been breaking out these few days, I don't know is it because of these products or few days before it was the time of the month then now everything calmed down.

I have to use it longer to see whether it works but anyway I love it. 

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