Monday, July 16, 2012

Bunny hop!

Someone gifted me a giftcard when I just arrived back home. I was so happy because it means more shopping for me. I am shopaholic and I am not sorry for that.

I got myself a new handbag fro Carlo Rino.
The design is just too cute, I can't resist. 
There's some pink tones to the grey illustration and two pink bunnies at the bottom.  Just so cute!

I don't have many handbags, about 2-3 of them only. 
So getting a new one is great.
Actually, I have been saving for a handbag in Moscow and since I got a giftcard and I got this handbag, guess I can spend that money somewhere else. 

Great, sitting at home can lead me to online shopping too.
Anyway I have been hunting for circle lenses. The sad thing is most of the design I want are out of stock. There's like few of them that I really want are in stock.

I also ordered Skin79's BB cream since my older bottle is getting too old.
I did a lot of research on sellers before I buy them, this is my first time buying from this girl. She got high reviews, seems like she's selling authentic. 

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