Saturday, July 7, 2012

Candy Glitters

Ever heard about Candy Doll, the famous Japanese cosmetic brand produced by Masuwaka Tsubasa.
It is a popular among gyaru and also Japanese teens and young adults.

I ordered this Candy Doll blush in Strawberry Pink all the way from Taiwan before Sasa carried it. 
It is cheaper to get from Taiwan than Japan due to the shipping fees and also it is original eventhough it is from Taiwan.

Strawberry Pink is a typical bright pink blush which is good for creating dolly cheeks. 
Japanese girls like to apply their blush in a circular motion with a pink colour to create cute dolly cheeks.

It is not stated how many grams the blush comes with. 

A Tsubasa Masuwaka card at the back.

Another Japanese brand item I got is KATE's cream eyeshadow.
We know how Japanese girls are obsessed with shimmer and glitters.

KATE cream eyeshadow in GD2
The glitters are so great, it is so pretty and the price is affordable for a Japanese drugstore price range.

Super gorgeous gold glitters *o*
I think I am going back to get moreeee!

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