Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Madly into you.

This is gonna be a long somewhat haul post since I got two parcels in the mail just awhile ago and also some stuffs I am supposed to post but I didn't. I am lazy.

All these lens I didn't get them like yesterday, I actually ordered them when I was still in Russia but since I have been slow lately, I am gonna post on them now.

I haven't opened them yet since my older lenses haven't expired but they gonna soon, in a month's time. Puffy 3 tones in Pink.
I am always crazy for more subtle pink lenses.

Puffy 3 tones Brown.
I like puffy 3 tones' design that's why I got two colours in the same design. I got mesmerized by the model's eyes when I was selecting the lenses I wanna get.

Also this one is a repurchased. The Candy Pink/Sweet Pink ones that I love. The look can be refereed here.
These pink lenses blends really well with dark brown eyes and doesn't go BAM!in your face pink. The edges around the pinks is soft thus it blends softly with the eyes.

and pore strips. This one is random but I want to put this up just to tell that Biore came up with a limited edition aroma collection pore strips. Price is the same as the normal edition ones. Just the limited edition ones has a rose scent and prettier packaging.

I place an order on drugstore.com, beauty.com and also coastal scents.com through a middle man and well the order took eons to be processed and the packing by the middle man was ridiculously slow too. Disappointed but oh well, she's the only middle man I could find for now.

I didn't order much, this is all that I got.Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Liner, Nars Blush and a tapered brush from Coastal Scents.

The one I got is in Brown Eyes. I ordered this gel liner like in April/May when I need a gel liner kinda desperately since all my liners dried up on me but It never came so I proceeded and got Essence's and also Maybelline's but this came eventually.
Anyway I am excited since there's brown and also purple. It comes with a free brush too.

Nars Blush
This is my 2nd NARS blush. The other one I got is in Desire.
There's a post on it here.

NARS' trademark packaging which is a dirt magnet.

The colour I chose this time around is Madly. It is described to be a seashell pink. For me it leans more to the bronze side but I do see some hint of pinks. Perfect summer blush colour.

and a swatch on my hand. So pretty. NARS blushes never disappoint.

On to the brush now. It is really soft, doesn't shed at all(already sent it for some bathing session).
Worth what I paid for and more worth it with 20% off.

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