Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gyaru make how to + tips

So I am gonna start with an unflattering bare face.

Applied foundation, concealer and powder.
Also pop in circle lenses (optional) to give the eye some definition.
The circle lens I am using Super Barbie Sweet Pink.
Scaring people with big fat pale face.
A little foundation can be applied at lips to cover redness. My lips are pretty pale by itself, so no covering.

So I am gonna start off with my eye.

A light champagne colour as all over lid colour, brown at the outer to give eye definition and a little dark brown at the outer bottom lash line.

All done.

Line the eyelid and tightline with black eyeliner. Wing the end of the eye slightly downwards to give a little droppy effect.
Like this.

Done! =)

Curl the lashes.Apply a generous amount of mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Now let's move on to the face first while letting the mascara and eyeliner to dry.

Contour the face with a shade 2-3 times darker than your skin colour.

Dark pink indicates darker blush colour
Light pink indicates lighter blush colour
White indicates highlighter.
By applying blush this way it brings out the pink glow of the blush and also dimension. I learnt this from Popteen.
If you dont two blush colours, it is okay to just apply one blush colour.

Now we move back to the false eyelashes
Ignore my disgusting thumb with those dry scaly skin and yellow nails.

To apply the false eyelashes nicely, there's only 3 parts you are suppose to apply the glue, not on the full eyelash.
If you apply it on the full falsies, when you blink, it's gonna be slightly tight and it might cause your lash to drop off/hang loose, also you save glue like this and less mess in application.

I have been using this trick for quite sometime, I flipped through Scawaii which i bought two days ago, the makeup artist also recommends to apply glue in such a way.
Since the false eyelash is slightly longer than my original eye, I am gonna apply it in a way that the ends are downwards to give a droppy eye.
There are other techniques for false eyelash application but I am gonna focus this style.
With such long eyelash it can't be left alone without bottom eyelash application, it would leave the look very unnatural.
I cut the bottom lashes into two bunch and applied it as so.

Now done with the eyes.

Let's go to the lips.
First, swipe on lipgloss as usual then apply more at the middle to give the lips shine and glossy look.
All done!!

The end look you are gonna get a Kato Miliyah-esque droppy eye look.

A good picture, finally with the camera.
With eyes closed.

p.s. had to do this tutorial at the veranda because that place has the best lighting.
my cat jumped into me between this tutorial.

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