Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kimchi + puffy lens

I just opened the rest of my lens today except those that I repurchased.
I am popping them in to let you all see how it looks on the eyes. Not advisable to pop them in immediately from the vial because sometimes they do hurt like a torn in the eye.

This is how the whole puffy 3 tones series looks like.

I bought the Brown and Pink ones.
Brown ones.
Yea my eyes are red because it hurts. I think popping them straight in wasn't a good idea.
Should had let them soak in overnight in multi purpose solution.
Pink ones.

Both taken under artificial lighting.

This one and only pink lens under indoor lighting.

The colour is really nice, ain't it?

Kimchi Bambi lens.
I just popped them in straight from the vial and let me tell you, they didn't hurt at all, they are so comfortable!
It's so amazing!

Under artificial lighting
Dont it look gorgeous.
Seems like every popteen model(actually it's just Kumicky and Hikari) it wearing this colour for the bambi lenses.
Colour is so vibrant and the design is love. Enlargement is excellent. Makes my eye look so huge, definitely will not wear this lens without makeup.

Under indoor lighting
Still pretty vibrant.

Brown version.
Under indoor lighting

Under artificial lighting
so pretty. Lovin' it

I did not regret buying the Kimchi Bambi series. Kimchi lenses are slightly more expensive than the rest but It's worth it.
So comfortable even from the vial.

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