Monday, August 15, 2011

Fynale lens reviews.

Fynale Y17 lens.

This design I bought in 2 colours because it's really pretty, the design.

This one is the Grey series. It's tri-tone, a thing black ring at the outer lens, grey in the center and brown near the pupil.

Brown series, black ring at the outer, pink in the center and brown near the pupil.

Colour : 7/10
Definitely more vibrant than the Y11 series. The grey one stands out quite a lot.

Comfort : 5/10
ehhh.. like the Y11 series, the lens is quite thick, thus the eyes gets dry fast.
Dont like the dry feeling, it hurts the eye.

Enlargement : 1/10
It's 14mm, no enlargement at all for me.
more for colour changing..

Fynale Aurora series
Colour : 9/10
really light, stands out a lot, since it is so light, there's for sure a halo effect to it.
The design is like blue dots over the lens and a lightly tinted thin black ring on the outside

Comfort : 10/10
super soft, super comfortable, so soft that I am afraid I might accidentally tear it. Also it flattens easily since it is so soft, sometimes I am afraid I will mess up which side is which.

Enlargement : 6/10
15mm. There's an enlargement to it but not as obvious as those with a dark ring on the outer side.

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