Tuesday, August 30, 2011

vanity table?

Coming up. Is a vanity table post.
Just on how I place all my cosmetic junks.

I have plastic drawers on top of my wooden cabinet to keep some of my tiny cosmetics.
All of them are full, yes I am a makeup junkie. .____.

Just a preview of what's inside the drawers
This one i have all my mascaras in it and some lipglosses.
The eyeshadow corner. I have other eyeshadow corners.
One can never have too many eyeshadows. My opinion, palettes are better than singles in terms of saving space.

On top of the plastic drawers. More junk.
Mostly brushes and just some things I use more often, sunscreens, sunblocks.

In the cabinet

Most of the foundations, BB creams go in here. Along with lipsticks and boxes of false lashes.

My lippies, mostly NYX.

the falsies.

Another drawer of the cabinet
Usually the stuffs in the cabinet are the pricier cosmetics and also bulkier stuffs.

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