Friday, August 5, 2011

never know what you'll find...

I cleaned up my room today and lookie what I found.
My past fandom stuffs. Like a huge ton of it.

Kinda embarrass to say it. I used to be a Johnny's Entertainment fan. I mean I still do care about them but not as much, now it's more like a casual listen or casual watch of their variety shows and stuffs.
It's like I outgrown the fandom a little.

Look at the amount of idol magazine I have. Now it is a headache to find where to store them.

Idol concert goods. Hey!Say!JUMP to be exact. *shy away*

an uchiwa. jumbo size uchiwa.


Today I did some experimenting, this FOTD is inspired by Korean artist makeup.
I am not quite a fan of this style since it involves a lot of black eyeshadow and eyeliner.
but gotta like the fiercer look?

Swatch of the lipstick I used. I found my Etude House Petit Darling Lipstick in PK006 amongst my stash.
I guess it has already been discontinued.

The packaging is really cute, the picture didn't do it any justice.

The pink leaning towards the lavender side.

On diet side. I have been "cycling" on the cycling machine for an hour today. slow though since my stamina is terrible but hopefully I am gonna see some improvement on my weight.
Since I came back from Moscow I gained 1kg but in Moscow I lost a few kgs, not much but still it's good for me. I am gonna put more effort on loosing tons of weight since i am on the chubby side right now.

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